The international law firm Ben Abderrahmane & Partners works in English, French, German, and Arabic.

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International law firm


We are

An independent international law firm with specialist knowledge of Algerian law, Libyan law, and Moroccan law.

  • Our law firm specialises almost exclusively in Algerian law, Libyan law, and Moroccan law.

  • Our law firm also specialises in international law and how it impacts on economic relations with Algeria, Libya and Morocco..

  • We are in a position to offer to our clients :

  • Recognised expertise in Algerian law, Libya law and Moroccan law; as well as in international law.

  • Proven knowledge of the economic, social and cultural environment of Algeria, Libya and Morocco. States.

  • Long standing links with local authorities and administrative bodies.

  • Tailored responses to clients' expectations, and an exceptional reactivity and an availability.

An international law firm offering tailored services and creating value

  • What sets our firm apart is its members' in-depth knowledge of the legal, fiscal and cultural particularities of the countries of Algeria, Libya and Morocco.

  • These knowledge and experience enable us to provide our clients with personalised, quality assistance and furnish practical, innovative solutions to achieve the desired business objectives. Our advice is rooted in the belief that the law is an instrument of business strategy that creates added value.

  • Furthermore, our firm takes charge of and follows up cases itself, even on the spot, by relying on its own offices or on its resourceful and efficient networks.

An international law firm helping clients to manage legal and tax risk

  • Managing legal and tax risk is a challenge at the best of time and places. But it's even harder in the context of the rapidly changing legal environment of Algeria, Libya and Morocco. The firm helps clients to adopt a cost effective approach to legal and tax risk management that makes best use of what they already do well.

  • Our firm helps clients to assess and manage the legal and tax risks before, during and after a deal or venture. We work collaboratively with clients helping them to develop a legal and tax approach that increases the likelihood that transactions will be complete in the right way and at the right time.

An international law firm with internationally recognised expertise

  • The firm is endowed with skills acquired over a period of nearly thirty years. Its primary activities are focused particularly on Algerian business and tax law; Libya business and tax law; Moroccan business and tax law. In this context our firm advises mainly on international contracts; international transactions; acquisition, disposal and restructuring of companies; setting up of joint ventures; privatisation; public procurements; taxation; international arbitration.

  • These skills and this experience mean that our firm can act pragmatically and effectively in increasingly complex transactions within rapidly changing legal and fiscal frameworks.

An international law firm guaranteeing complete confidentiality

  • Our law firm treats all files relating to the countries where it operates with absolute confidentiality.

An international law firm with a varied international client base

  • Our international law firm's clients include international groups, and medium-sized companies from very diverse sectors of industry and services; as well as States and Institutions. We also work in conjunction with large international law firms on business transactions concerning especially Algeria, Libya and Morocco, and Saudi Arabia in the capacity of a recognised expert in Algerian law, Libyan law and  Moroccan law.

An international law firm with excellent relations with local public authorities

  • Our international law in a position to offer to its clients excellent, long standing relations with the administrative and economic authorities in the countries where it operates.